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Professional Web Design

Professional Web Design Surrey

We are a Professional Web Design Company and have a long history of offering bespoke and inexpensive solutions to our customers.
We are happy to offer our customers everything from a simple “holder site” all the way to a full-blown e-commerce site. Our experienced programming team can offer bespoke Internet software ranging from a simple newsletter system though to an integrated database.We treat all our customers as individuals and tailor-make each web site to the users unique needs and requirements.

If you would like to talk to us about the available options, get more information or get a free quote then please contact us.

Examples of our Web Site Solutions

The below should give you a basic idea of the types of web site that you might require, of course it is not a definitive list and is only a guide, as all our solutions are tailor made to the user needs.


Holder Site

    This is the most basic site you can have, normally “Under construction” is emblazoned across the page or it takes you to another companies home page. Normally used when you have got your domain name and are thinking about what you are going to do. Note: This type of page should not be used for a prolonged period or as a permanent solution.

Basic site - 1 Page

    Your company logos, brief company description, address and telephone number is displayed all on one page.
    This can be used as a permanent solution if you only plan on using the E-mail i.e. “” or in the interim until your full site is released.

Normal site - 3 Pages

    This is normally recommended to all customers as a good starting point, as is does not cost that much more than the others and you get a “proper” web presence. The 3 pages include; Home Page (about your company), Services page (what you do or sell), Contact us page (address, phone number, E-mail enquiry form).

Medium to large site

    This is probably the most common type of web site that we implement for our customers and is completely bespoke and tailed to our customers needs, This type of site normally has around 20 or more pages.

E-commerce site

    This is a site that allows customers to order and pay for your goods or services online. There are many different grades of E-commerce sites from perhaps one product (a guide or manual you can download online) all the way though to an “Amazon” type site.


How is your Web Site Designed?

We normally employ five stages during the design or your web site , the first one starts when you give us the go ahead.

1 – Preparation.

     The first thing we do is to look at your competition not only locally but world wide.

    We do an online analysis on the most popular keywords which are used to find companies \ products \ services similar to yours.

    We look to find what domain names are available, e.g. if your company is called “red widgets inc” we might try to get “”, if that was not available we would try something similar “” or “”

2 – Customer meeting.

    At our first meeting we find out what you want to get from your new web site, do you just want a basic presence and receive e-mails, or do you want a full blown E-commerce site selling your goods all around the world.

    We will take a collection of your current literature and brochures, this is done so we have an idea of your company image and looks, this can be blended into your new site.

    We sort out the copy writing and pictures i.e. are you going to provide us with the images and example wording you want on the site or do you want us to take \ scan the pictures and or write the wording.


3 – Web site design and building.

    The web site is now designed and built based around the research we have done and your company image.


4 – Rough site shown.

    Once the site production gets going, a “working” site is put on a hidden section of our web site, so you can see if there is anything you don’t like or want changed.

    This point is also used by us to do “running” testing on your site e.g. if your site is image intensive then we will do lots of checks to make sure the amount of images does not affect download speeds.


5 – Testing and delivery

    This section is both apart of and separate from the above section, as the final tests are conducted before the final hand over.

    As you have been able to see and comment on the progress of your web site, when it comes for us to hand over the rains to you, you should not get any nasty shocks.

Head Office Location Delta Road Chobham Nr Guildford Surrey GU24 8PY UK

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